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Gregg Lederman. Professional Corporate Keynote Speaker. Speaking on Leadership and Management. New York Times (NYT) Best Selling Author. Books. Buy now on Amazon. Based in Rochester, NY.


Many managers and leaders are stressed at work like never before. They often believe they have too much to do, too little time, and too many distractions. But not everyone is struggling… some have figured out how to develop great leaders who create great cultures, where employees are happier, more motivated, and more productive. There are no great cultures without great leaders who create environments for more empowerment, inspiration, and motivation. In this highly interactive keynote, audience members learn the Four Truths to Being a Great Leader™ that have enabled Gregg’s clients to witness more than 90% employee engagement — nearly three times the national average. This unprecedented level of engagement has landed nearly 70% of his clients on a "best place to work" list. These successes did not happen by chance. They are a result of organizations investing in the development of their managers and leaders who then help create the desired work cultures. Every participant will walk away knowing how to apply The Four Truths to Being a Great Leader, enabling them to: - Clearly document the type of human and leader they want to be. - Manage time, energy, and focus more effectively. - Communicate better with their team. - Create sustainable habits that lead to more happiness, less stress, and more success.



This workshop is for those who want to become better humans and better leaders! When leaders in an organization live A Great Life Now™, they are happier, better communicators who are able to create great cultures.​ Warning: Heavy thinking ahead! While Gregg delivers this workshop in his typical humorous, engaging, and enlightening style, all attendees need to be prepared to dive deep into their thoughts and feelings about their lives and ideas for the future. They will learn how their personal values power their “brand,” which, in essence, is their reputation based on the way they think, speak, and act both at home and at work. Participants can expect to: - Discover the core values that make up their personal brand of leadership. (“Who the heck are you?”) - Explore the thoughts and behaviors that bring their values to life (as well as those that don’t). - Identify F.E.A.R.S. that block success. - Learn what the best leaders do to balance both a focus on performance and humanity. (“What do the most effective and trusted leaders do?”) - Identify “hidden time” that dramatically improves performance in life and at work. - Leave with a well-documented, step-by-step, habit-building approach to implementing lasting mindset and behavior changes. In this life-enhancing workshop, supervisors, managers, and leaders at all levels learn the recipe for how to Live a Great Life NOW and how to do so one habit at a time. The result… become a better leader (and a better human) all while achieving more happiness and productivity at work and in life.


Think about the companies you love to do business with. What's their secret? These companies have cracked the code for how to create and sustain a GREAT Culture where employees "live the brand" every day. These companies get and keep more profitable customers, and they do so with a workforce that is highly motivated and committed… more ENGAGED! This does not happen by chance; it is by design, and Gregg will show you how.  In this highly interactive keynote, audience members will learn the secrets for how Gregg’s clients have witnessed more than 90% employee engagement — nearly three times the national average. This unprecedented level of engagement has landed nearly 70% of his clients on a "best place to work" list. Participants will walk away knowing how to implement the three ways leaders create an environment for more inspiration, empowerment, and motivation in the workplace. Every participant will learn the Ultimate Leadership Habit of 10 Minutes by Friday™ for giving people more of what they CRAVE!  In return, they position themselves to become better managers and leaders who can achieve the business results that matter most to their teams, departments, and companies.


Eighty-plus years of research has proven that humans CRAVE three things that enable them to become more motivated: RESPECT: Help me feel respected for the work I do. PURPOSE: Show me how what I do has purpose, makes a difference, and is relevant to the organization. RELATIONSHIP: Help me build stronger connections with people, especially my immediate manager/supervisor. In this highly interactive keynote, the audience is introduced to the power of strategically recognizing employees as a way to reduce stress and fuel the work environment with what employees CRAVE. Using real-life case studies with financial impact and highlighting compelling realities managers can relate to, Gregg ensures that audiences will walk away with valuable leadership techniques and feel inspired to put them into practice. Gregg says, “We, as humans, love recognition, but we struggle to give enough of it. Whether we want to admit it or not, recognition plays a huge role in our everyday work lives — in our happiness, well-being, and working relationships. Learning to strategically recognize employees is the most effective and efficient way to give people what they CRAVE. Doing so leads to accelerated improvements in employee engagement and in the work culture, which together inspire a more consistent customer experience." In this learning experience, supervisors, managers, and executives will commit to the 10 Minutes by Friday habit for giving people more of what they CRAVE! In return, they will become better managers and leaders who are able to achieve the business results that matter most to their teams, departments, and companies.

SPEAKING: Testimonials



The best presentation of our conference! Gregg kept the audience engaged and energized, while giving them tools to make their business better.


The most well-received presentation we’ve ever had. He produced positive energy in a commonsensical and entertaining way.



If you’re thinking about hiring Gregg… it could be the best business decision you make this year.


Gregg provided thought-provoking insight to help us delve deeper into how we could further improve our differentiation and results in the marketplace. His methodology goes well beyond the discovery phase to give businesses the “how-to” advice they need to begin implementing change today.


With three conferences a year, we have worked with many speakers. Of those, Gregg has been one of the easiest to deal with and a pleasure to watch. His vivacious energy was just what our audience needed at the end of the day and it showed in the glowing reviews he received. Everyone was blown away by his charisma, but even more by the applicable nature of the presented material…


An eye-opening experience for our firm, helping us see how we can take our results to the next level. His engaging presentation style delivers the high energy level to hold participants’ attention, while at the same time creates a friendly forum for people to share thoughts and understand the actions they can take when they leave the session.


Our audience wanted actionable content and Gregg gave it to them! Gregg has mastered the art of providing the “right” amount of content packed with strong takeaway value.


We just had the most dynamic speaker! Gregg challenged our audience to think about their business in new ways and captured their hearts with buckets of takeaway value relevant to their business. He is one of the highest audience-rated speakers our regional AMA Chapter has ever had.


For organizations seeking outstanding, dynamic, and “how-to-do-it NOW” information on leadership, Gregg Lederman is the only answer. There wasn’t enough seating in the room once word leaked out during lunch about how incredibly good his keynote was. We wish we had devoted an entire day to the topic. He was rated number one out of our thirty speakers.


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  • Women’s Foodservice Forum

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