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Unleash a game plan for how you LIVE and LEAD.

The science says that

of people don't
achieve their goals.


Those on the Great Life NOW Journey are in the other


is the time to transform the way you think, feel, speak and act.

is the time to become an even better human and leader at work, at home, and in your community.

is the time to live with less stress, more purpose, energy, and happiness.

Are you ready to transform how you LIVE and LEAD? Let's talk.


Multi-Day Retreat

An immersive experience to achieving more happiness, less stress, and becoming the human and leader you want to be at work and home. The Great Life NOW Retreat is where you’ll go to escape the people, places, habits, and routines of your busy life. You’ll go on an inward journey to enhance the way you LIVE and LEAD. Typically, three days and credited by many as life-changing in the way participants transform the way they think, feel, speak, and act. Ideal for individuals, leadership teams, couples, and families.

Monthly Mastermind Groups

For high-performers looking to engage with a peer group of leaders in the continued exploration and activation of their Great Life NOW Game Plan. Together, you’ll ask and answer the difficult questions about who you are and why and make life-changing choices that not only make you a better partner, family member, and friend but also enable you to become a better, more effective and trusted leader. Ideal for individuals, managers and executive teams.

The Great Life NOW Journey: 1:1 With Gregg

92% of people don’t achieve their goals. Gregg works with the other 8%. The 1:1 coaching experience is for those who are fully committed to making positive changes in their lives. All coaching is done via Zoom and from Gregg’s Lake House Retreat in Canandaigua, NY. Ideal for individuals and couples.

*Email for more information.

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