Live the Brand!

Think about the companies you love to do business with. What’s their secret? These companies have cracked the code for how to “live the brand” consistently. They tend to get and keep more profitable customers and they do so with a workforce that is highly motivated and committed… more ENGAGED! This does not happen by chance; it is by design.

In this highly interactive presentation, Gregg takes his audience on a journey to explore what employee engagement looks like including the financial impact when engagement is high and the dire consequences when it is low. In addition, Gregg introduces the Living the Brand System as a way to not only define the expectation for living the brand, but also reinforce it with powerful reminders. The methods shared have helped more than 65% of Gregg’s clients become recognized as “Best Places to Work.”

Real-life case studies are used to highlight compelling realities that managers can relate to. Audiences will walk away feeling inspired and confident in their knowledge of how to re-engage employees and create a culture focused on Living the Brand!

Participants will sprint forward having learned how to:

  • Determine how engaged their workforce is.
  • Define behaviors that will bring their brand (core values) to life.
  • Take specific actions to improve the motivation and commitment of the workforce.
  • Use hundreds of powerful reminders to reinforce expectations and create a culture of accountability for consistently living the brand.
  • Show real ROI by quantifying the work culture and linking it to critical financial results.

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