Increase Engagement, Increase Profits

Every organization wants to get and keep more profitable customers. Building a work culture with highly engaged employees helps drive this purpose. But, until now, leaders have struggled to quantify culture and monetize the impact of employee engagement on critical business metrics.

Leaders will learn the key steps to assessing and proving the significant financial impact employee engagement has on their organizations. They will walk away knowing that Recognition is the Accelerator™ for achieving their most important business results. During this presentation, Gregg Lederman will introduce the “360° View” that links employee engagement to customer, employee, and financial metrics that directly impact revenue-generating and cost-reducing goals.

Attendees will leave this session armed with information and data needed to drive change within their teams and organization. They will know how to:

  • Document specific, observable behaviors that lead to more engagement among their workforce.
  • Identify the most significant people problems that impact employee engagement.
  • Quantify the cost associated with a lack of employee engagement.
  • Discover simple ways to create more engagement tied directly to business goals.

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