Essential Habits of Trusted Leaders

Many leaders and managers are stressed at work like never before. There is too much to do, too little time, and too many distractions. But not everyone is struggling… some have figured out how to create an even better place to work. One where employees are more engaged and customers have a more consistent experience. More than 65% of Lederman’s clients are on a best places to work list. This is not by chance. It is by design. In this highly interactive keynote, managers explore employee engagement ideas to learn how the most trusted and effective leaders fuel their work environments with what employees “crave” most to become more motivated and productive at work.

In addition, audiences go through a powerful self-reflection on their current managerial style while exploring a few inconvenient truths that can prohibit their ability to become even more trusted and effective leaders.

Using real-life case studies with financial impact and highlighting compelling realities managers can relate to, audiences will walk away feeling inspired to:

  • Understand key employee engagement ideas, their impact on the workforce, and what to do next.
  • Uncover and leverage three primary motivational drivers that lead to employee engagement: Respect, Relevance, and Relationship.
  • Master an Essential Habit to becoming a more trusted leader within 90 days.

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