Brand Integrity Academy

An online learning environment

The Brand Integrity Academy is an e-learning and in-person knowledge base designed to support Gregg Lederman’s keynote topics, and the solutions offered by his company, Brand Integrity.

Interested companies can receive complimentary 30-day access to 2 of Gregg’s most popular topics via e-learnings – Essential Habits of Reminding and Recognize and Share Success.

Whether you’ve seen Gregg speak and are interested in sharing his tips with others at your company, or are a first-time visitor and interested in learning more about his topics, the e-learnings will prove informative. Developed with managers in mind, the Brand Integrity Academy e-learnings are interactive, intuitive, easy to follow and completely self-paced.

Complimentary 30-day access is available for

Recognize and Share Success

Recognition is crucial to engage your team to drive results. This course covers the benefits of recognition, what’s most important to include when recognizing someone and how to use our online platform as a recognition tool. Managers will:

Understand why recognition is such a powerful management tool for businesses to use on a daily basis

Learn how to be specific and impactful with recognition

Understand how recognition drives results

Essential Habits of Reminding

It’s a leader’s job to create an environment where employees can tap into their personal motivation and become more engaged. To do that, it’s important to develop some Essential Habits. In this course, managers will:

Understand how to develop Essential Habits to become a better (and more trusted) manager/leader

Buy into the value of exerting the time and energy to develop the Essential Habits

Realize the importance of their role as a manager in modeling the way for others

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